Sand Control and Sand Management

Course Summary: It is estimated that sand production occurs in over 80% of sandstone reservoirs in the World. This has a great impact on well completion design and hydrocarbon production. Cost, applicability, production and integrity risks are the major controlling factors that determine successful sand control or management. This course will provide a holistic approach to sand control and management. At the end of this course, you will understand what sand production means, how it occurs and be able to provide best practices in sand production prediction and control. 

Sub Themes Include:  

  • The effect of water breakthrough and reservoir pressure depletion on sand production
  • Sand production in water injectors
  • Sand monitoring and surveillance
  • Sand detection, separation and disposal 

Who Should Take the Course:

  • Production or Process Engineers 
  • Completion or Petroleum Engineers
  • Development Geologists or Reservoir Engineers involved in completion design, well construction and production management. 

Course Outline:  

  • Introduction to the course
  •  Revision of Geomechanics basics
    • Rock strength from core and log data
    • In situ stress and stresses around a wellbore
    • Rock failure mechanisms  
    • Approaches to sand production prediction
  • Overview of sand production issues and sand management options
  • Discussion of sand production risk
  • Sand production
    • Effects of water breakthrough on sand production
    • Sand failure in water injectors
  • Sand control introduction
    • Sand control design
    • Sand control techniques
    • Completion types and selection
    • Sand control in horizontal wells
  • Sampling sand from core for testing
  • Sand management
    • Physical basics for sand management
    • Risk associated with sand management
    • Applicability of sand management
    • Hybrid completion techniques
  • Surface sand management equipment and systems
    • Sand trap,  
    • Sand catcher,  
    • Sand filter or  
    • Cyclonic desander
  • Sand transport, separation, disposal and erosion modelling
  • Sand monitoring and surveillance

Course Schedule

Courses include lunch. We have arranged a discounted room rate close to or at the venue and for overseas attendees we can assist you with a Visa application if necessary.


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