How the E&P business really works - The insight guide to successful businesses and fulfilling careers

Course Summary: The focus of this course is to teach an understanding of the upstream oil and gas business with a strong focus on the role and value of integrating technical and non-technical disciplines. It has been constructed to develop an understanding of the role of geology in exploration and the subsequent interplay of geology and engineering during the field development phase. 

The course will also introduce the key economic and commercial considerations guiding oil and gas business decision making and the role and value of the many stakeholders involved in the business. The practical application of key business principles will serve participants in good stead in the course of their working lives whether as employees or entrepreneurs. 

Who Should Take the Course: The course is designed for all who are either working or seeking to work on own businesses in the oil and gas sectors. It will benefit Engineers, Economist, accountants, managers etc in oil and gas companies, Service companies, Government agencies, Investment analysts and others. 


Course Outline:

What  Business are we in?

Stakeholders - Governments, Society, Employees, Suppliers, Customers, the Planet

Energy to the people/Products

How E&P companies make money - introduction to Contracts, Value chain 

Types of  E&P Companies




Service Companies


Business Strategy

Explorer Only

Growth - organic or Inorganic

Vertically Integrated

Externally or internally focussed



Funding: Asset back loans, Bonds, IPOs


Asset Acquisition

  • People 

  • New Ventures 

    • Exploration

      • Play Based Exploration

    • Farm ins, Licensing, Direct Contracts

    • Merger & Acquisition


V. Creation: Technical Considerations

  1. Geology of E&P

  2. Introduction to Drilling & Well Engineering

  3. Introduction to petrophysics

  4. Introduction to Reservoir Engineering

  5. Introduction to FEED - Front End Engineering and Design

  6. Introduction to Health & Safety Considerations


Marketing & Public Relations



Value Delivery 



Value Capture

Petroleum Contracts and Economics

How revenue splitting works


Review and Recap


Course Schedule

Courses include lunch. We have arranged a discounted room rate close to or at the venue and for overseas attendees we can assist you with a Visa application if necessary.


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