Seismic Facies Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy – Getting more geology out of your seismic data

Course Summary: Getting the most information from available seismic data is a key task for a successful oil and gas company.  This course has been designed to teach a detailed understanding of seismic facies and sequence stratigraphy analysis, incredibly valuable tools for maximising returns when conducting play to prospect mapping and reservoir development. It focuses on interpretation of facies from seismic and logs as well as the application of sequence stratigraphic models to real data.

Who Should Take the Course: This course has been created for geoscientists with a working knowledge of seismic facies & sequence stratigraphic analysis who want to take their expertise to the next level.

Course Price: $4170 / £3080

Course Outline:

Seismic Reflections

  • Seismic ‘approximating’ gross bedding
  • Seismic surfaces
  • Reflection terminations and terminology

Basin Classification

  • Rift, foreland, strike slip, passive margin etc.
  • Subsidence/sediment supply characteristics
  • Megasequences and megasequence boundaries


  • Surfaces facies changes, diachroneity/synchronicity
  • Marine/coastal onlap, coastal onlap and sealevel etc
  • Quantitative chronostratigraphy

Sequence Stratigraphy

  • The Exxon model
  • Relative Sealevel and shelf accommodation
  • Sequence Boundaries and Flooding surfaces
  • Systems Tracts
  • Sequence strat and seismic

Sequence Stratigraphy and Well Logs

  • How to recognise sequences and systems tracts on well logs
  • Pitfalls of log interpretation

Carbonate Systems

  • Carbonate structures - Barrier reefs, platforms, atolls etc.
  • Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy

Course Schedule

Courses include lunch. We have arranged a discounted room rate close to or at the venue and for overseas attendees we can assist you with a Visa application if necessary.


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