Fundamentals of SEPAL - your digital WRFM solutions platform

Course Summary

This is an in-depth course designed to give the attendees a comprehensive knowledge of the SEPAL (Structured Engineering Presentation & Analyses Library) software suite.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for engineers, managers and other staff members who are looking to improve their working knowledge of SEPAL to get the most out of the software.



General Introduction to SEPAL

  • Objective and class expectation.
  • Introduction to SEPAL.
  • Why SEPAL?
  • SEPAL Administration.
  • Well schematic.
  • Well objective/ types.
    • Drawing well schematic.
    • Depths reference/managing depth reference.
  • Entering well history.
  • Various options in SEPAL for updating well schematics.
  • Generating well penetration chart.
  • Custom report in SEPAL.
  • Working with SEPAL query.
  • Asset explorer.


Reservoir Analysis Module

  • Objective of reservoir analysis.
  • Reservoir analysis in SEPAL.
  • Entering contact information from logs.
  • Entering PVT information.
  • Working with PVT correlations.
  • Production data visualisation.
  • Material balance simulation.
  • Querying SEPAL reservoir.



System Analysis

  • Objective.
  • IPR/VLP concept.
  • Application of tool for System Analysis (demonstration of IPR/VLP using SEPAL.)
  • Use of IPR/VLP for diagnosis (skin effect, depletion, tubing constraint etc.)
  • Estimation of gain (e.g. simulation, water shut-off etc.)



Production Optimisation

  • Objective.
  • Concept of Production Optimisation.
  • Well evaluation.
  • Production Optimisation using SEPAL.
  • Well intervention processes.
  • Recommendation.



  • Exercises using SEPAL.
  • Recommendations.

Course Schedule

Courses include lunch. We have arranged a discounted room rate close to or at the venue and for overseas attendees we can assist you with a Visa application if necessary.


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