Real Time Geomechanics: Monitoring of Subsurface Pressures while Drilling

Course Summary: Uncertainty in pre-drill models could translate into erroneous prognosis and interpretation of pore pressure, overburden and fracture gradients. Drilling parameters such as mud weights, casing designs and well trajectory are based on these estimates. It is therefore crucial to carry out surveillance at the wellsite or real time centres (RTC) to monitor subsurface pressures while drilling. This ensures that potential drilling hazards are promptly identified and mitigated This training will focus on the techniques employed in carrying out real time pressure surveillance. Real examples from offshore and land operations across different geological environments will be presented.

Who Should Attend:

•             Wellsite & Operations Geologists

•             Drillers

•             Mud loggers

•             Petrophysicists

•             Pore Pressure Engineers

•             Reservoir & Petroleum Engineers

Course Schedule

Courses include lunch. We have arranged a discounted room rate close to or at the venue and for overseas attendees we can assist you with a Visa application if necessary.


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